The collection, analysis, and communication of real-time information are absolutely necessary to manage clinical trials efficiently.

Criterium’s unique workflow process, which embraces the role of the clinical data liaison (CDL) is the key to facilitating the communication of data between all stakeholders involved in the clinical trial process.

The CDL position is key in that he or she conducts real-time data review and facilitates centralized control of clinical studies.

Clinical Data Liaison

In-house clinical data liaisons (CDLs) clean and correct data before the field monitor makes his or her visit to the site. This process streamlines the CRA’s on-site role, which is to troubleshoot patient enrollment and to check source documents. Within days of each patient visit, data from the sites are transmitted to CRO where the data are processed. Queries are generated within 48 hours of receipt. Query resolutions are completed and clean CRFs are provided back to the field monitoring staff. Technology-enhanced monitoring from a centralized location reduces the number of days to complete on-site queries, trims the number of site visits, and reduces the number of days needed in the field.

Because CDLs monitor site data daily, they are able to identify potential problems before they arise thereby reducing the cost of field monitoring per patient by as much as half when compared with traditional monitoring.