Using real-time data, Criterium has the ability to connect with the site, communicate with the monitor, and ultimately control the trial. Sponsors are able to maintain control over their budgets by having communications between in-house experts and monitors in the field in order to resolve queries early on and lock the database according to the timeline.

Integrated Data Collection and Management

In 1997 Criterium began the development of an innovative computer application and data management methodology called StudyControl™. This application allows for the collection of clinical trial data from a number of technologically divergent sources— fax IVRS, IWRS, EDC, Fax-scannable forms/CRF, and paper forms— into one consistent database. Here the data is available to the client in real-time and can be accessed 24/7 for the purposes of review, updating, distribution, and reporting.

This integrated electronic data capture management system operates through a secured VPN and is designed to meet high-level regulatory compliance requirements. Criterium’s system can accommodate any reporting or organizational need.

Our integrated method of electronic data capture collection and management is highly flexible, sets up fast, and is 100% accurate, which equates to a complete data management package.