Executive Management

Criterium provides quality solutions, reduces costs, and accelerates timelines. When we exceed clients’ expectations everybody wins. Our staff members are motivated to make sure each and every client is satisfied.

John Hudak, MBA  — President and Founder (28 years)

John Hudak, President and Founder of Criterium Inc., has more than 46 years of experience in the pharmaceutical research and contract clinical services sectors. He has extensive expertise in strategic planning and competitive analysis, market development, promotional planning, proposal design, custom-services development, international project management, and clinical study completion. He's also an expert in protocol design and implementation, tracking, and electronic data capture. Recognizing the inefficiencies inherent in traditional clinical studies, Mr. Hudak has developed technology service solutions to reduce the time and cost required to manage clinical trials. A well-respected industry thought leader, Mr. Hudak is the author of numerous articles and white papers and speaks often at conferences and events.


Ronny SchnelExecutive Director of Business Development and Client Services (22 years)

Ronny Schnel is the Executive Director of Business Development and Client Services has over 22 years of industry experience. Her background includes management and implementation of innovative systems for conducting clinical studies, and the effective use of negotiation and mediation to reduce project-related stress. Ms. Schnel maintains frequent contact with all clients to ensure progress with project requirements, Criterium’s unique workflow, and sponsor guidelines. She works with management teams, to find value-based strategic and financial options that enhance a client’s ability to accomplish its mission and stay within its budget. Ms. Schnel is the author of numerous articles and is a frequent speaker at industry events.


Mary StefanzickDirector of Operations (24 years)

Mary Stefanzick has more than 24 years of experience in implementing and supporting interactive voice response systems. She has been instrumental in developing Criterium’s proprietary Clinical Data Liaison approach to clinical trial management. In her current Operations role, she is responsible for hiring, training, and managing  the staff and consultants required to complete a project. Ms. Stefanzick continues to improve processes as Criterium adopts new technologies. She oversees software-testing activities and has been instrumental in the development of quality systems.


Gregory J. BaileySenior Programming Manager (19 years)

Greg Bailey is responsible for providing quality technology solutions to meet the needs of our clients. He uses his extensive background working in medical IT organizations as a platform to develop creative, secure, and quality applications. Mr. Bailey’s main role is to provide the continuing support and enhancement of StudyControl™ Criterium’s proprietary clinical trial data management application.


Eduardo JahnClinical Operations Specialist (24 years)

Ed Jahn, has more than 24 years of experience in managing global clinical trials. He is fluent in Spanish and has traveled the globe extensively. Mr. Jahn has served as a Project Manager and Senior Lead CRA on multiple global clinical studies in the United States, South America, England, Europe, South Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. His skill at communicating with our clients in various cultures has been an invaluable resource to Criterium.